Blocking the Ad Blocker Blockers

Writing about sites that get upset with your Ad Blocker....

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Well, that was quick!

Writing some things about Firefox, and advertising, and fake ads…

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Ludum Dare 33

Better late than never, here is a link to the Post Morten of the last LD entry I worked on. 


I am not taking on new work right now, but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk. You can contact me by email, or by phone at (417)553-4928.


Who am I? That is a complex question so I will stick the basics and let you figure out the rest. Mostly a developer and artist, I am into anything and everything digital and cutting edge. I love making things, 3d printing, designing, writing, filming, coding and anything else that lets me use my creative skills to say or do something.

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