The last blog ever. I promise. Maybe.

I am abandoning my blog at and re-pointing the domain to

I still think it would be good to post things more often but I never seem to feel like posting from a PC. I most often have a thought I want to keep when I am not buried in a monitor, so it makes sense to use something more mobile. I like wordpress’s mobile app and have helped several people power websites with it in the past, so it makes sense to blog from wordpress. Why not host it myself? Well that hasn’t worked out so well over the last 15 years. I tend to forget they exist. So here I go, with the last blog evar. Wooo!

Bencoin begins!

I just launched a basic site about my cypto project I am working on. is live and you can check out the first wallet ever by scanning this QR code.

Sharing some good news!

We are having a baby! Every year my wife and I have gotten a special ornament, and this years is extra special to us.


I am not taking on new work right now, but that doesn't mean I don't want to talk. You can contact me by email, or by phone at (417)553-4928.

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Who am I? That is a complex question so I will stick the basics and let you figure out the rest. Mostly a self proclaimed developer and artist, I am into anything and everything digital and cutting edge. I love making things, 3d printing, designing, writing, filming, coding and anything else that lets me use my creative skills to say or do something.